G35 Gen4 Competition | .40 S&W


The G35 Gen4 Competition is the latest in Glock’s G series line of pistols. It offers a single stack magazine, ambidextrous slide stop lever, and G34-style trigger to provide those looking for competition accuracy with an economical option.


GLOCK 35 Gen4

Glock has been making guns for years and is known for its Glock 35 gen 4. Glock firearms are popular because they are reliable, accurate, and safe to use. Glock pistols have a simple design that makes them easy to operate which is why they’re such a favorite among law enforcement personnel around the world. The Glock 35 gen 4 features an extended barrel which delivers increased muzzle velocity and accuracy due to the longer sight radius. This model also comes with two magazines – one of which holds 10 rounds while the other holds 13 rounds.


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