G41 Gen4 Competition | .45 Auto


The G41 Gen4 Competition is a semi-automatic pistol that was designed for the GSSF Grand American Handgun Metallic Silhouette. This pistol has an 8-round magazine capacity in .45 ACP and weighs 2.65 pounds, making it ideal for target shooting competitions.


GLOCK 41 Gen 4

Glock has a long and storied history of making quality firearms. G41 Gen 4 is their newest addition to the Glock family. Glock guns are well known for being durable, accurate, and reliable weapons that have been used by police officers all around the world for decades. Glock pistols are trusted by law enforcement professionals because they work when they need them most: in high-pressure situations where lives depend on them. This blog post will teach you all about Glock 41 gen 4 so you can decide if this pistol is right for your needs!


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